Stop Deportations

What happened after Rashid’s deportation to Afghanistan?

[Assumpcio Oyonate Cladellas, Stop Deportations blog, 9th September 2012]

This post is written by a detention centre visitor. It voices their concern for people who are sent back to Afghanistan by the UK Border Agency.

In February 2010, I visited someone called Rashid at Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre, beside Gatwick Airport. Rashid was an asylum-seeker from Kabul, Afghanistan. He had now reached the end of his legal case and was going to be sent back the following week.

Rashid told me how he had reached the UK and then gone to Denmark. Once in Denmark he was put in a detention centre and sent back to the UK. However the UK would not give him legal status to stay here.

Rashid was extremely scared of being sent back to Afghanistan because his family there was dead. Two of them had been blown…

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