September 25, 0900 hrs.

Dear people,

There is good news, absolutely. Yesterday I hooked up with the people from Audiovisuals. They are all here, from Madrid, from Barcelona, from other Spanish cities and from Occupy Wall Street. Jack is among them as well, the man who organised the livestreaming last year in the acampada. He had just returned from the OWS first anniversary celebrations in New York.

These people don’t lose time in endless discussions. They think fast, they talk fast, they act fast, they get things done. It’s my kind of environment.

We are prepared for all eventualities. We have livestreaming cells on both fronts, Atocha and Plaza de España. We have people cracking wifi, we have our own media centre where incoming info will be coordinated and where Twitter and Facebook are continuously updated.

So yes, we are ready, and yet we all seem to share the feeling…

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