As @lissnup wishes: please tell on her Blog, what initiatives you know against the war in Mali …


No one should want war. Especially, we should not want an unjust war fought on spurious grounds for questionable motives. Yet such a war is unfolding in Mali, and this is just one a step in what John Pilgerdescribed in the New Statesman as

„A full-scale invasion of Africa“

Justification for each step is being dispensed by the spoonful, so that the taxpayers who foot the bill don’t catch on too quickly and kick up a stink. But this is not medicine. It’s poison.

Speaking out against the war in Mali does not mean you are an anarchist, a traitor, or being disloyal to your country. It does not mean you are supporting terrorists. It just means you want to see a more serious long-term effort in trying to support political and diplomatic efforts to resolve disputes in other countries before committing to war. Even if you initially agreed…

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