Dear people,

The start of the revolutionary season has become a success. Yesterday, February 23, people all over Spain massively demonstrated against the ‘coup d’état of the markets’.

The date was symbolic. The demos came exactly 32 years after the latest attempt of coup d’état. Some of you may remember the pythonesque images of army officers storming into parliament without knowing what to do next.

Yesterday, all the different waves have united. Students, teachers, miners, doctors, nurses, firefighters, the 15M movement, the platforms against mortgage foreclosures, etc. etc.

In Madrid there were over a 100.000 people, in Barcelona over 40.000. In every other big city in Spain there have been demonstrations, as well as abroad. Solidarity actions were organised in Brussels, London, Paris and Amsterdam.

This time, I haven’t witnessed it in person. But it has been all the more impressive to see the images of the crowds coming in via livestream.

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