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from BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 39

On February 16th people from more than 50 cities in Spain (see map) took to the streets to protest against the plague of evictions that is starting to be known all around the world.

The PAH (Platform of those affected by the mortgage, see NL#19, 4 ) made a national call (see NL#36, 1  ) to pressure Spanish MPs to address the issue and ratify the bill as a law: the ILP (Popular Legislative InitiativeNL#12, 2 ) is not negotiable at all!  The answer was massive: thousands of people (around 60,000 in Barcelona) marched yelling, banging drums, blowing horns, wearing their famous green t-shirts, and waving banners and STOP desahucios signs. Foreign press from the whole world gave a great echo to the protest (see our links below).

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