Assemblies for Social Movement

Supporters of IOPS, Anti-Capitalist Initiative, Occupy London and others held their third cross-movement assembly this year entitled „Becoming Catalysts for a Radical Social Movement in 2013,“ on 19 March at SOAS.

The assembly was well attended by a broad range of people from both organisations and also many independent individuals wishing to find out about, and become engaged in, struggles with social movements. Our conversation focused on community engagement, local assemblies and direct action. Initially, participants involved in various campaigns including Save Leyton Marshes, the Connaught House eviction protest, the Friern Barnet Library and others reported back on their experiences of these campaigns.

Together, we explored lessons learned, possible strengths and weaknesses of different campaigns, their potential, and how they fit into wider revolutionary struggle. Crucially, we explored the importance of beginning campaigns early, when there is still time to sway decisions – rather than constantly trying to firefight.


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