The world social forum of 2013 is supposed to bring sanitazation and a long lasting durable solution to the rejected asylum seekers in it domain.(TUNISIA)

 Reporting from the forum that lasted four days in which we participated in many discussions,conference,protest manifestations at the entrance of the forum and also in some stands where our issues were discussed.As a projection of the struggle we embark on one year ago and giving reasons why we are fighting against the rejections issued by the UNHCR protection team that camp to Choucha refugee camp of Tunisia.In the points of actions,many talked about the bewildered state of the camp that is officially bet to close without a solution for many.We circulated  flyers explaining a bit about our struggle against the rejections from the UNHCR.Our directions is to the UNHCR,EU and the STATES,not the host country TUNISIA,,that the extreme decisions they hit us with and the…

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