Strike! Migrant workers in Italy warn TNT about company plans and raise their voice against immigration law

Logo_TNTThe night between the 28th and 29th of November the logistics workers of the main TNT warehouses in Italy, organized by SiCobas and AdlCobas, went on strike for two hours, to send a signal to the executives of the multinational on-strike1and to its corporate restructuring plan that includes substantial cuts to the workforce. A signal aiming at opening a negotiation in which the voice of workers intends to make itself heard.
A signal which however goes well beyond the specific situation that these workers, the vast majority migrants, are living within the warehouses they work in. As well explained by Mourad , Mustapha and Sami, theirs is also a signal against a condition characterized by the institutionalized blackmail of residence permits, temporary contracts and  the cooperative system that in addition to acting as modern day foreman often doesn’t not even pay their contributions. A signal given to the boss who…

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